The Villa

Villa Chiara Luna

You will be living in an open villa overlooking the lake. Due to its unique location on an outlier the villa allows for stunning views to Luino and Cannero in the north until Stresa in the south.





The villa offers 4 bedrooms for up to 8 guests and lots of comfort: on 6 terraces you will be able to follow the sun from its rise to its set. A generous indoor swimming pool, a whirlpool and a sauna allow for recreation and relaxation. The house is designed to never let you loose the view on the stunning landscape. Each room is generously filled with daylight.

Start your day in the Villa Santa Agata with preparing the breakfast in the modern kitchen and enjoy it on your favorite terrace — under the sun, or under the sunshade. There is a plethora of possibilities for trips into the surrounding: dive into the lively cities by visiting the famous markets, e.g. in Cannobio or in Verbania; explore the diverse nature by hiking, climbing, canyoning, cycling through the impressive valleys in Ticino, the Lombardy or the Piedmont; bath in the lake or one of the plenty rivers; or — enjoy the day in the villa. With a cocktail of fresh fruits you can breath the Italian lifestyle without actually leaving the house. You will find a whirlpool, a sauna, a bar, a pool table, a table tennis and a tabletop football. Stroll through the large natural garden and find your personal favorite spot for contemplating the lush vegetation. Finish your day at the chimney — with a glass of Italian red wine and calm music.


There is plenty of green space around the house available for enjoying oneself. You’ll also find a grill on the ground.

The living space is 325 square meter and includes a lobby, a generous dining table and a lounge including a chimney. There is roundabout 80 square meter of roofed terraces for breakfast and dinner and roundabout 160 square meter of open terraces.


The basements hosts a bar, table tennis, tabletop football, pool table, indoor swimming pool, sauna, cold water pool and a terrace.


The upper floors contains 4 bed rooms, 2 with double beds and terraces, 2 with single beds. There are 2 bathrooms on this floor. Also check the floor plans.


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